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Raven Ministries was founded in 1987 to:

  - Go After the MIA’s

  - Encourage the Ones Standing

  - Exhort the Church

Vision of Faith - Ministry Center in El Salvador
"Come with Me by yourselves to a place where we can be alone, and you can get some rest.”
(Mark 6:31 - CJB). 
The primary purpose of the Ministry Center is for Pastors and their wives to come away with Jesus to rest.  The Ministry Center will not be sponsored by Raven Ministries from the United States, but by Ministerio Cuervo (Raven Ministries), an NGO in El Salvador. God will bless this because Salvadoreños see the vision.  (For more background see Updates)
Six phases of Ministry Center:
  • Phase 1 - purchase the property 
  • Phase 2 - build a wall and remodel the house into 2 suites for Ravens Rest. Each suite will be complete and have privacy. This is for all denominations, with an emphasis on poorer Pastors 
  • Phase 3 - build an auditorium that will hold 200 people. The purpose is so Pastors can take away their deacons, or the whole church. It will have a kitchen. All they will have to do is bring their own food.  This makes it nice for the pastor of a small church that can’t afford to take their church away. 
  • Phase 4 - build a dormitory that will house up to 200 people, for retreats, teams, etc. 
  • Phase 5 - (might be done sooner) build 10 houses for retired pastor couples. One possibility are tiny houses built with 3D printer. Estimated cost is between $4,000-$8,000 each. Size is about 650 square feet.  The primary requirement for this housing is the retired pastor (couple) has no one to take care of them. 
  • Phase 6 - the Lord spoke so clearly; we cannot have a ministry center with walls all around and forget the surrounding community. Throughout the year we will minister to the community through vocational training, medical, dental, glasses, bringing teams down for kids’ camps, etc.