Mombasa, Africa






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Raven Ministries was founded in 1987 to:

  - Go After the MIA’s

 - Encourage the Ones Standing

 - Exhort the Church


Please pray with Luan and I for the following:

  1. Protection for Luan as she will be home being my armor bearer in prayer.
  2. Physical and spiritual strength, I am quite exhausted and 5 of the 9 days I will be gone will be spent in transit.
  3. I would receive God’s gift of loving the Muslims and a passion for their souls.
  4. Although I will not be one of the speakers at the Festival, I will allow the Lord to prepare my heart to serve in any way He wants me to.
  5. God would, as He always has, provide the $3,000 necessary for this trip.

I go standing on Psalm 2:8

“Ask of Me, and I will give you the nations for your inheritance and the ends of the earth for your possession.”

Just as summer is quickly coming to a close, so is the Church Age. Soon and very soon we will see the King!!  We must be about our Father's business.

2016 has proven to be one of the most rewarding, challenging and exhausting years we have experienced since Luan and I started in ministry together 13 ½ years ago. Our plan after the Pastor couple retreat in El Salvador this past June was to not get on another plane for a while. I guess rest is a relative word. The last week of July I was blessed to attend the National Camp Meeting for the Church Of God of the Apostolic Faith (COGAF) in Oklahoma. It is out of this fellowship that Trinity Bible Church was birthed almost 90 years ago. During the camp meetings I was drenched in the Presence of God and began to see the deep wells that God made with COGAF in Oroville. Between the sessions I had the opportunity to talk with Bishop Craig Rogers of Harvest International Ministries. Bishop Craig has for many years ministered around the world but specifically in Africa. As he shared a little about his experiences in Africa I told him that Africa is the land of my heart and that I went to Bible School specifically to be a missionary to Africa (I've been blessed to go on mission trips to Africa 4 times). After hearing about my love for Africa he said I'm going to Kenya at the end of August, would you like to come with me.  Normally my answer would have been yes without hesitation. But because of the grueling schedule and extensive fund raising for our ministry in El Salvador this year, I instead said “I would love to, but maybe another time.”  He had also explained that the emphasis of the Christian festival in Mombasa Kenya is specifically to the Muslims and they are expecting around 20,000 to attend; which was a further confirmation to me that there was no way I would go on this trip, “it was out of my league.”

The next day Bishop Craig was the speaker at our final session. He preached about the ten spies reporting, “the giants saw us as grasshoppers” and that they saw themselves as grasshoppers. He said the giants were possessing the inheritance of Israel, the land God had promised them. Israel chose to see themselves in comparison to the giants instead of the God of Israel. For the next few days I struggled with the idea of going with Bishop Craig to Mombasa Kenya. Every time I thought of a reason not to go, Abba said to me quite clearly, "OK, Ron if you want to see yourself as a grasshopper go ahead."  After prayer and talking with Luan it became quite clear that I was to say yes. SO, on August 29th I leave for Mombasa, Kenya. I'm not sure what the Lord has for me. I am honored just to be Bishop Craig's armor bearer and carry his bags.