El Salvador 2018

 Pastor Gabriel & Sister Berali
Raven Ministries CA RepsPastor Gabriel & Sister Berali Raven Ministries CA Reps








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 Raven Ministries was founded in 1987 to:

  - Go After the MIA’s

 - Encourage the Ones Standing

 - Exhort the Church


Please pray with us:

  1. We will allow the Holy Spirit to prepare our hearts; that we will only do what He is doing and say what He is saying.
  2. The ladies, Pastors, Pastor Couples and Congregations will have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying and a heart to respond.
  3. God will, as He always has, provide the resources necessary for this trip.
  4. God will provide the right place for our dog Rocky to stay while we are gone.

Luan has been invited to speak to the ladies from one of Vista Hermosa in El Salvador at a weekend Retreat.  We’ve known the Pastor and congregation of Vista Hermosa since 2000 and are blessed to receive this opportunity to serve.  We told our Central American representative we would be in the country for 10 days and asked if there would be opportunity to serve Pastors and their families during this time.  In his words, “God has granted you great favor and open doors with the Pastors in El Salvador.  Following is our tentative schedule.  Please pray that God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ would be glorified and His Stewards strengthened & encouraged.

May 19

Luan with ladies of Vista Hermosa, Ron there as armor bearer for Luan

May 20

Ron preach at Miramonte in the am; Luan with ladies of Vista Hermosa


Dinner with Pastor Couple - Castellanos

May 21

Morning with Pastor Couple in San Isidro - Sarceños


Dinner with Pastor Couple - Garcias

May 22

Morning with group of Pastor Couples


Dinner with five Pastor Couples

May 23

Night – Ron preach at Las Americas

May 24

Visit Pastors of San Miguel (2 ½ hours from San Salvador)


Lunch with Pastor Couple - Nietos

May 25

Pastor & Wives Meeting is Campos Verde – Morning


Dinner with Pastor Couple - Martis

May 26

Morning with Pastor Couples of FIBAM  


Afternoon – Ron with men of Vista Hermosa (tentative)

May 27

Ron preach  Central American Mission Church in the am