Pastor Ron & Luan La Gatta; Founder and Directors of Raven Ministries

Ron is an ordained minister; he and his wife Luan serve as Pastors of Trinity Bible Church in Oroville, California.  Raven Ministries was birthed out of failure, is a story of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and passionately carries a message of restoration and encouragement.

Ron served as a Pastor with his first wife for seventeen years during the 70s and 80s.  God greatly blessed their ministry.  They started as youth pastors and were later called as senior pastors.  Their final pastorate began when they accepted a call as senior pastors to Detroit, Michigan in a church that had recently undergone a split.  It was during this great time of blessing that Ron became a greater target of attack, and failing to keep his personal relationship with God strong, he lost his family and his ministry.  But, God, who is always waiting and willing to work good from what the enemy seeks for evil, used these painful situations to birth Raven Ministries in Ron’s heart.

Luan accepted Jesus as Savior when she was five but, not really surrendering to Him as Lord, spent her late teenage years and throughout her twenties not following Him.  Jesus led her back to Himself over the course of many years, both by wooing her and allowing her to suffer the consequences of poor choices.  When they were both ready, God brought her into Ron’s life.  They married in 1998.  At that time, Luan worked in the optical industry and felt that her full time ministry was to her co-workers.  God, however, was using the corporate world as a training ground to prepare her to serve alongside Ron in Raven Ministries.  As they prayed together, God made it clear that this was the right path and in March, 2003 Luan joined him in full time ministry.

Ron and Luan believe that all too often Pastors feel, and often are, standing all alone.  The Pastor and his family are not exempt from the temptations we all face, but as leaders, are often under a more severe and relentless attack.  When a leader falls, not only are a life and family devastated, but the effects of that fall reverberate through the whole church and often the community as well.  This is why Ron and Luan have devoted their life and ministry to take this message to the Body; seeking to bring healing and restoration to Pastors and ministers who have been wounded, as well as encouragement and support to those who actively steward His Bride.