Raven Ministries is based in Northern California and serves Pastors and their families in:


Central America






Our Mission is to encourage Pastors and leaders (past and present) in their God-given position as Steward of the Bride. 


The term we use to describe encouraging and strengthening Pastors is “Paje de Armas.”  This Spanish term translated into English is Armor Bearer.  The best illustration of a “Paje de Armas” we’ve seen is in the movie Lord of the Rings – Return of the King.   Mr. Frodo, completely discouraged and exhausted, is making his final trek to cast the ring into the fire and Sam says to him: "I cannot carry your burden, but I can carry you.” 

We seek to teach the Body of Christ that they are soldiers as well as sheep.  As Soldiers of the Cross we are obligated to stand in the gap for Pastors and Ministers to prevent the onslaught by Satan who attempts to destroy their ministry and relationship with Christ. This is done by encouraging, supporting, strengthening and challenging Pastors/ Ministers and their families in a variety of practical ways:


Directly encourage and care for the spouses of Pastors by:

  • Praying for them and their families
  • Meeting with them individually
  • Sending notes and gifts of encouragement
  • Hosting special days for their children
  • Remembering special days such as anniversary and birthdays
  • Organizing monthly activities for their teenagers

Transfer a vision to care for Pastors to individuals within the Church by:

  • Conducting leadership seminars that explain the Biblical principles of caring for the Pastor and his/her family
  • Working with volunteers from churches (the EDGE) to provide hands-on-training of the practical ways to care for their Pastor
  • Preaching in local churches and challenging the Body regarding these principals