El Salvador

February 2023 



Raven Ministries was founded in 1987 to:

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  • Encourage the Standing
  • Exhort the Church


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Group of PKs in Santa AnaGroup of PKs in Santa Ana 

Thank you Pastor Gabriel, Sister Berali, Chepe and Adriana for allowing us to work together with you in a most important area of the Body of Christ (Pastors/ Ministers & their families).








Jan 2023 Update 2



Pastor Joseph, Sister Lidia, and family with RonPastor Joseph, Sister Lidia, and family with Ron

Thank you, Pastor Joseph, Sister Lidia, and family for hosting me and sharing your daily walk with the Master.  What a blessed time!


























We’ve been blessed by Abba to visit El Salvador over 50 times since 2000.  And, by far the greatest gifts are the people we've met along the way.The Rodriguez' FamilyThe Rodriguez' FamilyDuring the last 23 years, we’ve become part of so many families, and had opportunity to reconnect with many of them during this trip for fellowship and to share our stories of faith and answered prayer.  Though we don’t have pictures of everybody, we want to at least mention their names: Pastor Gabriel & Sister Berali; Chepe, Adriana, Tuti & Emy; Sister Maiyra; Milton & Marta Rodriguez, their extended family and 2 new grandbabies; Jorge & Maritza (a special note of thanks for their hospitality, allowing us to stay in their home). An added and unexpected surprise, we ran into a longtime friend Lupe (Roberto Choto’s Mom) while having coffee at the local Mall.  What a blessing and encouragement all these individuals have been over the years! 










Pastor Joseph and RonPastor Joseph and Ron




Pastor Joseph also took me to Bekaa Valley Lebanon for his weekly Bible study with 13 Syrian refugees. He asked me to share the lesson and The Lord laid on my heart to speak on the Women at The Well; focusing on the fact that Jesus went there to meet just one woman, one He had never met, but knew well. I also shared from Jeremiah 1:5 that before they were conceived Jesus knew them and when they were in their mother’s womb, He formed them and that He knows them by name.  After the Bible study Pastor Joseph took all of them out to lunch. One of the ladies told him they were thankful for the war in Syria because it brought her to Lebanon to hear about Jesus.  On our way back to Pastor Joseph’s house we stopped for tea and to witness to the coffee shop owner.  Again, he took time to minister to one.  























On my second full day in Jordan, I visited with Pastor friends and their children that Luan and I met in 2011 and our hearts were instantly knit together. During our time of catching up, the Pastor shared that he knows many Pastors in the city where he lives and wants to introduce us to them. I had no expectations of meeting any Pastors from any City and The Lord has now opened two cities in Jordan.


Thank you, Pastor Victor and Sister Nahed for hosting me while I was in Jordan and thank you for connecting me with Pastors of Amman. We believe that The Lord has brought us together for such a time as this to serve Pastors and their wives in Jordon and The Middle East!












 Deacons & Leaders, Santa AnaDeacons & Leaders, Santa AnaBecause of Pastor Gabriel’s continued effort to develop relationship with many different denominations, we had opportunity to speak to two different groups of deacons and leaders, one in San Salvador and one in Santa Ana. Our primary purpose in meeting with them was to encourage them and to share the vision of Ministerio Cuervo to build a Ministry Center.  Deacons & Leaders, San SalvadorDeacons & Leaders, San SalvadorIt will house a place of rest for Pastors and their wives to go at no charge, a gathering place for churches to hold retreats, someday a place of housing for retired pastors, and lastly an outreach center to minister to and evangelize the community in which it is located.  

PKs in Santa AnaPKs in Santa Ana

Since 2002, Raven Ministries has increased its focus on the wife of the Pastor and also his children.  This trip, by invitation of Ministerio Cuervo El Salvador, we had the privilege of speaking to a group of Pastor’s Kids (PKs).  The purpose of our time together wasn’t to have a Bible Study, but to share our hearts as well as time together as PKs.  Of course, that included lots of food and fun! Ministerio Cuervo El Salvador invited teenage and young adult children (ages 15-25) of Pastors in Santa Ana, and over 20 PKs attended. From devotions, to swimming, to eating papusas,  to playing soccer, to eating again…it was quite an amazing day! 

Ron (with Chepe Translating) speaking to PK GroupRon (with Chepe Translating) speaking to PK Group

Luan (with Adriana translating) speaking to PK GroupLuan (with Adriana translating) speaking to PK GroupDuring devotions, Luan shared her story from the perspective of being a deacons daughter using Philippians 3:14 “I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”  The Scripture and personal experiences touched the lives of the PKs.  One young lady came to her after and said, “the words God gave you to speak were for me, I needed them today.”   Toward the end of the day, Ron shared for a few moments about his life being a PK.  He explained that while it wasn’t the most fun experience, actually the opposite, later in life he realized what an honor it was that the God Who spoke the stars out of His mouth chose his parents to serve as an under shepherd to the Great Shepherd, Jesus. 



After two days in Jordan, I flew to Lebanon to meet up with Pastor Joseph.  (Pastor Victor introduced us in 2017 when Pastor Joseph and I were both in Jordan for a few days.)  God used the plans of a young man who wanted to work with Syrian refugees to birth the idea of visiting Jordan and Lebanon. Since, as US citizens, we are unable to travel into Syria I reached out to Pastor Victor and Pastor Joseph to see how we could help him fulfill his dream.  Unfortunately, the young man had to cancel his plans.  However, God used the planning process for his trip to make it clear that Luan and I are called to the Mid-East.   Prior to coming, I shared with Pastor Joseph that my purpose was to hear God regarding the future role of Raven Ministries in Lebanon.  Pastor Joseph was very happy with the possibility of working together and organized a dinner with around 20 Pastors.  Pastor Couple DinnerPastor Couple DinnerI shared with them the heart of Raven’s messages and was amazed to see how they received The Word. The message addressed The Pastor, his wife, his children and how they are the front line of attack by the enemy (strike the Shephard and the sheep scatter). After I spoke two Pastors gave an open invitation to us to return to Lebanon and share a 2–3-day conference in their churches. While in Lebanon I also had the privilege of spending an hour with a P.K. (Pastor’s Kid).  Listening to the story of their life then and now, it reminded me of my experiences as a Pastor’s Kid.  Later that evening I spoke to a group of 21 people and asked how many grew up in the home of a Pastor.  There were 7 of us. Only those who grew up in the home of a Pastor can truly understand the experience. I was so blessed to have been able to speak a “Word in Season” into these PKs as well.

The three days with Pastor Joseph in Lebanon was a varied and rich experience as I was invited into his life.  Upon arriving, I learned that Pastor Joseph’s uncle passed away the day before and we would be going to the funeral that day. It was a blessing to share a most personal time with him and his family.  After returning from the funeral, we went to an international evangelism conference where he was scheduled to speak.  It was great to see young people worshipping and responding to The Word.   He also spent a little time driving me around Beirut where he grew up; showing me where, as a 15-year-old in the 70s, he fought in the civil war.  He also shared part of his life story and how he came to know The Lord, saying “when I became a Christian, I put down one weapon and picked up another: The Word of The Lord”. What an amazing story!  As we drove, we stopped to overlook the Mediterranean Sea, where God gave us opportunity to speak to a gentleman that works for one of the news outlets in Beirut. He told us he was recording a three-hour time lapse of the sunset.  As we talked, we were able to move the conversation to the end times, and how every day the news is reporting events predicted thousands of years ago that are currently coming to pass. Please pray for him his name is Dillon.  



I left for Jordan on January 15th and arrived around 20 hours later in Amman (Luan didn’t join me on this trip).  My purpose in going was to hear the voice of the LORD regarding the future role of Raven Ministries in Jordan and Lebanon. Prior to going, I spoke with a longtime friend and fellow servant of the Master, Pastor Victor, who is from Egypt and currently serving as the President of an International Bible School based in Jordan.  When he met me at the airport, a saying I heard came to mind and I shared it with him, “some people come into your life for a reason, some for a season and others for a lifetime”.  To Luan and me, Pastor Victor and his wife Nahed are those who will remain for a lifetime!  We met in 2014 and instantly The Lord knitted our hearts. 

Pastor Victor organized a breakfast with his staff, 7 Pastors from 3 different denominations, and asked me to share a devotional.  Afterward, we met with 5 of the 7 Pastors privately to share the vision of Raven Ministries and hear whether God wants us to come alongside Pastors in Jordan in the future. My heart was stirred to hear that we are welcomed to work together.  

While there, Pastor Victor took the opportunity to introduce me to some wonderful brothers and sisters in the Lord (names not included).  Our first meeting was with a Pastor family that has two amazing daughters, who have a Facebook club serving over 800 friends.  They’ve memorized more than 30 Psalms and put them in picture form, using it like the old-time flannel graph to tell the story. Sweet time!  We also visited a believer who committed her life to Jesus in the last few years and has an unquenchable desire to read The Word.  Off we went to visit a Pastor and his family that had been Pastoring in Egypt and moved to Jordan to Pastor at a great personal sacrifice. What an amazing opportunity to speak a Word in Season.   Lastly, we were invited to have dinner with a retired Doctor that reads his Bible for hours every day!