Ron speaking to Lead Pastor Group in Santa AnaRon speaking to Lead Pastor Group in Santa Ana



Ministry Center - Message Summary to El Salvador Lead Pastors:


We’ve been coming to El Salvador since November of 2000, living short-term and visiting nearly 50 times.  During that time, we’ve have gone from not being aware of El Salvador existence to being convinced it will play a vital role in worldwide revival. 

The Words God has spoken to us and the miracles we’ve witnessed throughout our time in El Salvador have increased and continues to expand our faith in Jehovah, the All-knowing, All-Powerful, All-Present God. 

The first time I (Ron) came to El Salvador was in 2000 with a team whose purpose was to build a house for a Pastor whose home was destroyed in Hurricane Mitch. When they arrived, the materials weren’t available, so the trip appeared to be a waste of time and money.  However, it was God’s design.  The Pastors and people Ron met and the vision he heard about impacted him significantly. Through this trip God planted a love in our hearts for the Pastors of El Salvador that began to grow. 

  • It was while living short term in El Salvador that God said to me (Ron), “I can use a rich man and I can use a poor man: I can use an educated man, I can use an uneducated man; I can use a strong man, I can use a weak man; but I cannot use a discouraged man (Moses & Elijah). 
  • We are a ministry of faith. God has given us many opportunities to serve in El Salvador. Each time, we start with zero dollars and end with zero, but in between…God always provides.  One example is the 2016 Pastor Couple Retreat Raven hosted for 95 Pastors couples in Decameron. The total cost was over $40k. We started with zero dollars and by the time it was over God had provided every penny, with none left over. 
  • We are not here to ask you for anything, but to invite you to join us on a crazy adventure with God. While living here in 2004, the Lord told Ron to build a ministry center in El Salvador.  The time to build is now. 

The Vision of Faith 

  • Jesus sent His 12 disciples out with the power to heal and cast out devils. They came back excited over all they did. When they came back, “There were so many people coming and going that they couldn’t even take time to eat, so He said to them, ‘Come with Me by yourselves to a place where we can be alone, and you can get some rest.’” (Mark 6:31 - CJB).  This is the primary purpose of the Ministry Center, that Pastors and their wives will come away with Jesus to rest.
  • The Ministry Center will not be sponsored by Raven Ministries from the United States. It will be sponsored by Ministerio Cuervo (Raven Ministries), an NGO in El Salvador. God will bless this because Salvadoreños see the vision. 
  • When preaching to a congregation in San Salvador in 2002, God told Ron to tell them “the God of the United States is not bigger than the God of El Salvador.”  In 2007, a Pastor in Santiago de Maria shared his vision of building a beautiful and big church building in his community (at the time they rented space in a Catholic Church). He asked us to pray that God would touch someone in the United States heart to provide the money.  Ron returned to tell him, the money would not come from the US, it would come from El Salvador. God provided all the equipment to do the excavation through one man from San Miguel who wasn’t a believer and the entire building through a fellow believer in San Salvador.  The total cost donated was $1.2 million dollars. 
  • The majority of funds for this Ministry Center will not come from the United States they will come from the hand of God through El Salvador.
  • A friend asked, why did you choose El Salvador as the country in which to build a Ministry Center? Because God said so.